Shed Pounds With 3 Simple Early-Morning Activities!

You don't have to wait to lose weight. It's possible to jump-start your diet with some simple, sound activities within an hour of waking up! As for the best thing about the following tips - they are pretty simple to execute each day.

Take a look at some simple ways to get rid of the weight in the morning!

3 Tips to Conquer Your Weight Loss Goals

Thanks to some quick and easy early-morning activities, you can shed pounds by doing a few things each morning:

  1. Drink Ice Cold Water: Try to drink at least a liter of ice cold water in the morning each day. Based on research from a Clinical Research Center in Berlin, your metabolism increases by 30% when drinking 17 ounces of water within 10 minutes! The temperature of the water forces your body to raise metabolism in order to warm up the water you drink. Drinking water in the morning also improves nutrient absorption, new cell production, clear system, and a balanced lymph system, according to Brook Phillips on the Total Home Care Supplies blog .

  1. Perform A Quick Workout: You don't have to work out for 40 minutes. In a University of Pittsburgh study, women who had four 10-minute workouts had 30% greater weight loss than the group that had just a single 40-minute workout. This can be a great boost to your weight loss - as well as your metabolism (again!).

  1. Eat A Healthy Breakfast: Birerley Wright M.S., R.D., is quick to point out on the website that dieters who eat breakfast are more successful, based on research. She offers some powerful foods that can shed pounds at breakfast time: raspberries, oatmeal, yogurt, peanut butter, and eggs. These can be excellent supplements to healthy cereal to promote weight loss and take care of your metabolism.

Consider how easily each of these tips could mesh with your morning. Try to make the short time it will take to eat a healthy breakfast, drink some ice cold water, and perform a quick workout. These can all make a big difference in not only your weight loss goals - but your metabolism, energy, and mood!

A Bonus Tip You Can Do in Your Sleep!

How can you really shed pounds in your sleep? The answer is a bit rhetorical, as it's found in simply getting enough sleep!

Research has demonstrated that sleep deprivation causes people to react strongly to high-calorie junk foods. Studies show that people eat more on the days when they've had less sleep, and that overall, people are more likely to be overweight when they don't receive enough sleep at night.

When people sleep less, the hormones that stimulate appetite increase - and those that regulate it drop.

This is why it's critical to learn how to sleep better. If you aren't getting adequate sleep - anywhere from 7 to 9 hours for adults - you are setting yourself up not to shed pounds. Getting quality sleep (not just quantity) is crucial to meeting your weight loss goals.

Don't just stop with a healthy breakfast, ice cold water, and a quick workout in the morning. Find a health bedtime routine, go to bed and wake up at the same times each day, and focus on improving the sleep you receive each night. It is one of the best ways to shed pounds; and it's also one of the easiest ways to do so as well!

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