Pink, Yellow or Blue. What Sugar Substitute Is for You?

Changing your diet is all about baby steps. Successful weight loss statistically comes from incremental steps that lead to a permanent lifestyle change. If you want to get a jump start on weight loss and improve your energy level, the best thing to eliminate from your diet is white sugar. Sugar can be your worst enemy especially when you continue to feed the craving. It is a revolving door relationship unless you stop the madness and cut it out completely. There are many alternatives without turning to the pink, blue and yellow packets.

Agave nectar is a natural sweetener produced by an agave plant. The agave plant is the same plant used to make tequila. It is popping up on grocery store shelves and is becoming very popular. It is similar to honey, however, it has a lower glycemic index. It is fantastic over yogurt, in your tea or coffee or in a cocktail.

Another option is Stevia or Truvia which has been highly advertised lately. It has popped us as the little green pack that is giving the pink, yellow and blue packs a run for their money. Stevia is derived from herbs and shrubs in tropical regions. This powdered extract is attractive to people on a low sugar or low-carb diet because it has a negligible effect on blood glucose. It has been popular in other countries for years.

For instance, it has been used in Japan for decades however, was only approved in the US recently. The small packets are wonderful for using on the go. Stevia is great in coffee, tea, cereal and can also be used in baking.

Honey is a wonderful natural sweetener and also provides loads of antioxidants. It should be a kitchen staple as the uses are endless. It has been known to even lower cholesterol. There are many types and flavors from blueberry to cinnamon to orange. It has fewer calories than sugar and is heart healthy. It is a great way to sweeten any beverage, add to yogurt or oatmeal, drizzle on cheese or use in baking.

Explore these options for yourself and decide what you like best. The important thing is to avoid refined white sugar as much as possible. If you find yourself interested in learning more about whole foods, natural living, fitness and health consider enlisting the help of a professional wellness coach. Or you might even want to consider it as a career. You could use your passion and research to help others in their journey to clean eating and good health.

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