Weight Loss - The Magic Money Spinner Of Health Industries!

Some of us are spending money and trying to keep that ever expending waistline down while others make fat profits on others misfortune. But what we didn't know is that the same food companies are feeding us fatty sugary foods, profiting from us not only once, but twice.

There are two global food companies in particular producing food without the best interest for health or nutritional values. At the same time they own other companies for weight watchers where they are profiting from, in attempt to bring the weight down of which they are the ones that caused it in the first place.

What can we call it? Is it double dipping, double standard, or just outright cheating without any conscience?

It seems the heat is starting to build up and is becoming uncomfortable. One of the companies has already sold and the other announced a week ago that it will sell the weight-loss company to a private equity firm.
Big market's and profits!

The market for weight-loss products and equipment is huge with big profit margins and yet, money is often spent with little results.

Money for gym membership and personal trainers is another boom industry, often with extension to weight-loss counselling sessions, medication, pills, sugary sport drinks and maybe some protein-bars chucked in for good measure. It's just another tool of manipulation to the ones who are trying in desperation to get that extra weight off. At the same time, if not all, but most of the gyms are displaying cold drinks: What drinks? Sugary soft drinks, coke, diet coke, sports drinks and concentrated sugary fruit juices which are not helping you to take weight off, they are helping to keep it on.

This is just an example to become aware of the temptation that profit-seeking companies put in front of our noses every day and most of us fall for it hook, line and sinker!

Stay trim and do it from home!

Some years or decades ago gym or weight loss programs were hardly known or heard of; there was no need or demand for them. Now we all must have that work out to stay fit and lose weight. Losing those kilos or pounds is not necessarily achieved through extreme exercise. Anyone who has tried to lose weight this way would agree.

Exercise and being active is certainly a large part of staying healthy and fit, and by simply regularly walking out in fresh air it has a positive effect on your mind and thoughts. To lose weight or improve your health is not a matter of costing you an arm or a leg; it is a matter of making better decisions about what you eat and spending more time on preparing nutritious meals at home. We have become lazy and unhealthy at the same time; we want everything, ready-made meals, remote controls, all as effortless as possible, but not for the benefit of our health or wellbeing. We're far too smart to fall into this trap, spending time to travel to and from a gym or fitness centre to pay money to those who caused most of the problem in the first place.

Think about the changes you can make!

Changes are not as hard as you may think: There is much free information on how to make better choices, how to take little steps to get to that goal. You'll learn how to integrate these methods in to your daily life; you will gain knowledge and therefore better overall quality of life.

In whichever way you are going to do this, make it enjoyable so it's sustainable for any length of time. Remember: It is your health, your life and you are the one responsible for it, no one else!
Select from the food nature been giving us over thousands of years; this is what our body needs. We don't need any of the gadgetry and processed food, sugary drinks and medication only to make things worse. It's time to take action for the need of real transformation, action that actually can make that difference to your life.

This is not science fiction; most of it boils down to plain common sense. It doesn't need a doctorate in medicine like some would like us to believe, just a basic understanding of knowing where to start and how to go about it.

The most important step to control your weight and leading a healthier life is the change to a healthy diet. Get more information from the FREE copy of my e-book report. The power of knowledge will give you the health you want to have.

Josef Bichler has a passion for wellness and showing others how to live healthy lives. He has helped countless others achieve their health objectives and detoxify their body for better weight solutions and also through understanding the benefits of a healthy diet menu. For more information on Josef and how he can help you live a healthy and pain free life, visit his site at http://josefbichler.com/free

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