How To Lose Weight - The Essential First Step

My guess is you are here because you have tried to lose weight, perhaps many times, and you feel you have failed. Maybe you don't know where to start. Maybe you don't know how, or even want to, start over.
First of all, you are safe. Here you will find ideas, encouragement and no BS.
So here is my lesson for you.
Your thoughts are what are sabotaging your weight loss efforts.
It's what you think that matters.
We've got the tools to get the weight off. There are many effective programs today that work if you follow them. In fact, we even have access to the most effective weight loss system on the market today. The weight will come off. But if you don't change what you are telling yourself on the inside, your body will find a way to protect you and you will either gain the weight back, or your body will find another way to handle it.
Neither option is good.
Here is a trend I have noticed among my clients who are interested in losing weight. They take a particular circumstance, say, desiring to purchase something, and they pour themselves into that goal. They try to do it the "right way," i.e., work hard to get enough money, save instead of buying on credit, or act "responsibly" and purchase necessary items before their play items.
But if the outcome is they didn't get the thing, here's the trend. What they do is they turn that circumstance and outcome into the thought "I'm not worthy," or "I don't deserve good things." And even worse, they then turn that unworthy thought into "I'm not lovable."
How do you feel when you read that? Does it make you cry? Do you cry if/when you're in that type of situation? It isn't that you didn't get the thing (insert your circumstance here). It's that you have changed the circumstance into a painful self-view. That's why you're crying.
So go ahead and cry. Your crying is good. Let it all out. I want you to feel that pain and really sit in those horrible thoughts that you're producing. You want to hate those thoughts so much that you're willing to kill them forever. You want to be so familiar with the pain they produce that you don't ever want to think them again.
It is at that point that you experience change.
If you don't feel the pain those thoughts are causing, you won't ever feel the healing. The pain will sit in your cells and make you sick for the rest of your life. Suppressed emotions create acid in our bodies, so please, cry it out. Just be sure not to stay in that place of pain too long. Its purpose is to cleanse you and point you toward your healing, not to overcome you.
When you finally know how damaging and destructive those thoughts are, and how they have distracted you and taken you off your desired path, you will root them out with the driven-ness of a warrior.
Don't worry about what you will think in their absence. That will come. When you're still caught in their grip, you can't see the many possibilities on the other side.

But rest assured, you will find thoughts to replace them.
And when you do
You will feel worthy.
You will feel lovable.
And you will be successful at thriving without the extra weight.
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