Lose Fat Without Losing Your Mind

Want to lose weight, without becoming crazy? For starters, stop looking at the scale! The trauma induced by the sight of that stationary pointer or worse, the pointer that appears to have shifted in the wrong direction, does not burn enough calories to make this (futile) exercise a part of your daily routine. Limit your weigh-ins (if you must submit yourself to them at all) to a weekly affair.
Do not embark on any 'miracle' diet before first accepting the statistical improbability that any 'miracle' will occur without a good deal of effort on your part. Being over your ideal weight might be bothersome now.. being overweight and delusional is a step in the wrong direction! The 'Quack medicine' of yesteryear has been replaced with an endless number of 'Quack' diets, which often involve the slimming down of your wallet.. with no similar effect on the body.
However, don't let the same excess of caution prevent you from taking serious note of the latest clinical studies, which pinpoint the value of various, so-called, 'Super-foods'.. and actually back their selections with real scientific evidence. Who would have thought, before all the research, that there are foods which actually burn fat from our bodies.. with no extra effort required. Identifying these foods and testing their effectiveness is the life-work of a new breed of nutritional 'experts'.
'Celebrity doctors', like Dr. Oz, impress with their medical qualifications and give hope to the most reluctant of dieters. The dieting wisdom he shares, during daily TV appearances in the States, can be found at the click of the cursor, whatever fat-fighting location you find yourself in. Dieting fads come and go, but a genuine fat-burning food is a joy forever.
If you can say "Garcinia Cambogia", I'm guessing you're one of my dieting comrades and that you Google 'fat-busting foods' on a regular basis. This little pumpkin shaped fruit has been proven to not only to suppress the appetite and inhibit the production of fat in your body, but to improve your mood as it does so... What could be better than that?
Naturally, these 'Superfood' recommendations rarely come without the inevitable, extra advice: "exercise speeds fat loss, builds muscle and improves overall health and fitness". Sadly, it's apparently something we cannot avoid.
But, be honest, even with your allergy to exercise, you didn't expect your food to be doing all the work for you... Did you?


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