Getting Lean With The Bean

Is the Green Coffee Bean the weight loss Utopia we have longed for? Apparently it could be, as a recent study has seemed to show.

The latest rumble in the world of nutrition is the link between weight loss and unroasted, Green Robusta/Arabica Beans. A study carried out recently revealed a group of weighty individuals losing a, not insignificant, quantity of body mass when consuming a daily supplement of Green Coffee Bean extract.
So what is happening?

In Pennsylvania the University of Scranton presented the study of 16 people, who were classed as overweight or obese, who had been taking Robusta/Arabica Bean extract in capsule form. The doses varied between high, low and placebo, over a 22 week period and were taken 3 times a day before meals.

While being studied the individuals made no changes to how they were eating or exercising and experienced an average weight loss of 17 pounds, an average 10 percent, total body weight loss. What is also of great interest is that those studied also experienced a 16 percent reduction in absolute body fat.

Especially encouraging is the fact that with a 24 hour calorie intact of 2400 offset against a loss of 400 through exercise this calorific level would not result in such a significant weight loss as was observed with the Green Coffee Bean extract.

So what secret lies in Green Robusta/Arabica Beans making them such promising fat fighters.

Research does not believe it is the caffeine. The scientists involved are inclined to think it is attributable to the presence of Chlorogenic Acid. While in the Green Coffee Beans the roasting of them removes it.

Chlorogenic acids are part of a collection of compounds known as the Phenolic acids. According to the time they are harvested the amount of Chlorogenic acid present in Green Coffee Beans can vary between 65mg/g and 140mg/g according to the variety garnered. When the roasting of the Green Coffee Beans takes place in excess of 70% of this acid is destroyed leaving usually less than 30mg/g in the bean.

These Chlorogenic acids are believed to be a cheap, but invaluable source of antioxidants. The detox capabilities of Chlorgenic acids is of a greater potency than than Ascorbic acid, more commonly known as Vitamin C.

The Head of the study also made reference to the fact that no negative side effects were evident from the consumption of the Green Coffee bean extract.

In the neverending search for an effective weight loss solution many avenues are explored. The latest, and perhaps one of the most exciting is the humble green coffee bean. To find out more about this phenomenon check out Google for information.

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