10 Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

10 Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

With all the conflicting diet advice that there is these days, it can be very difficult to know what to eat to lose weight. And, because what you eat makes up about 80% of how you look, it is very important to know what what to eat (and what not to eat).

But the problem is knowing what food you must eat and what foods you must cut out. To help you, I have compiled a list of the top 10 foods to eat to lose weight.

1. Lean protein
Lean protein like chicken, fish and lean red meat like fillet and lean mince, is high protein that helps the body build muscle. And the process of building muscles increases your metabolism so much that you even burn calories in your sleep.

2. Whole grain carbs
Carbs like whole grain products, brown rice and baby potatoes are the good carbs and they will keep you fuller for longer. Including them in your diet will ensure that you have all day energy and that you have no cravings.

3. Fruit
Fruit is low in calories and high in fiber. Snacking on them between meals is an excellent way of keeping full.

4. Vegetables
Vegetables should make up half of your plate. That way you will be saving on calories by eating less food and more vegetables.

5. Beans and other pulses
Beans and pulses should be included in any healthy diet. They are a great addition to meals and will keep your waistline and pocket in tact.

6. Nuts
You should eat about 8 almonds each day. They contain the healthy fats that help keep us full. Nuts are also a great in between meal snack. Just make sure that you don't eat more than a handful per day.

7. Chillies
Adding a few chillies to meals will make you eat less of the food because of the heat. And chillies are said to be a fat burning food so they will also help you lose fat.

8. Fat free dairy products
The high calcium content in dairy products make it an excellent weight loss food. Calcium is known to speed up weight loss. Try to stick to the fat free variety.

9. Oats
Eating a bowl of oats in the morning will help keep you full all day long. So make a point of eating oats for breakfast.

10. Healthy fats
Healthy fats (unsaturated fats) help the body to feel full, so they are essential for weight loss. You can find them in olive oil, olives, avocado oil and oily fish.
Make sure that your meals consists of most of the top ten foods that will help you to lose weight. Stock up on these foods and try to eliminate the other unhealthy foods from your diet. If you do so, you will start losing weight very soon.

Just remember to also include some exercise as it also increases appetite control and will help you to lose weight. Make sure that you include cardio and weight training. For cardio you can run, walk, swim or ride a bicycle. And for weight training you will need some weights. With free weight training you will need lots of different dumbbells. But if you use adjustable dumbells you will only need the one pair.
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