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 how to eat coconut oil for weight loss

Have you seen the tall, graceful palm tree swaying along the shores of a tropical beach? The slender coconut tree offers more than adding to the beauty of the landscape.  The fruit of this tropical plant has tremendous value for its medical properties that has just been discovered by the western world. Perhaps no one would have guessed that the humble coconut is the source of a thousand remedies that can help and alleviate the pain and suffering of humans.

With that in mind, we will take a closer look at this amazing fruit of the tropical palm tree,
Firstly, coconut water is highly alkaline in nature and this makes it a very healthy beverage to be consumed to help reduce the effects of acidic residues. 

These residues are often the result the consumption of processed food we have today. Apart from that, the coconut water is touted as having one of the most potent antiviral properties in nature and has been used to treat mild infection of influenza and alleviate high blood pressure. When mixed with cinnamon powder, it can help prevent heart attacks and stroke due to its anticoagulation properties. But are you aware that this delicious tasting drink can also help you lose weight?

Rather than dismissing this as a mere myth, let us explore more into this topic and see how much of this claim has its basis in reality.

Our body needs fat to manufacture healthy fats or essential fatty acids such as Omega 3. The key to healthy living is to increase the intake of healthy fat. Hydrogenated fats tend to make you look bulky and heavy but healthy fat such as Omega 3, 6, 9 nourished the heart and doesn't contribute to use weight gain at all. 

Coconut oil is rich in essential fatty acids and Omega 3 which is important for healthy membrane production, hormones to regulate blood cholesterol and the heart. So how can we use coconut oil as part of our daily diet to benefit from the Omega 3?  It's easy. Just use it as part of your cooking and you would benefit from the rich source of nutrients and essential fatty acids stored within.
Here are just some of the most important functions that those essential fatty acids in coconut oil can do for the body.

Burn the stored calories in the body.
Assist in the production of hormones
Maintain a healthy mucous membrane system.
Help absorb and assimilate the minerals and vitamins in the body. Fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A and D requires sufficient supply of healthy essential acids to transport it to the whole body to be utilized
Help enhance metabolism of the body.

Coconut oil is a form of non-hydrogenated fats. It can fire up the metabolism rate and replace the function of hydrogenated fat.  Coconut oil can easily supply that and replace the deficiency.  Without a doubt, taking coconut oil on a regular basis can help your weight loss effort and this seems to be an easy and effective way to achieve it without spending a bomb on weight loss pills and diet supplements.

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