What You Need to Know About a Particular Diabetic Medication and Weight Loss

If you do a search for metformin and weight loss on the internet, you'll find a slew of forums and websites talking about this particular drug and how it can be used to melt fat from your body. You'll also find many forum posts of individuals who state that they've been using it for weeks, but they haven't even lost a pound.

Can you lose weight with metformin? The truth is that it may help you lose weight, but it must be part of a complete program. Let's go into more detail.

What is Metformin?

Metformin is a drug (under the trade name Glucophage, but there are also generic versions) that is used to treat type II diabetes. Initially it was never intended to be a diet drug. But interestingly enough, the qualities of this drug that help with diabetes might aid you in your efforts to lose weight.

How Does Metformin Work?

There is a process inside your body, in your liver, that turns carbohydrates into blood sugar (or glucose). When you eat too many grams of carbohydrates, particularly simple or refined carbohydrates (e. g.

processed flour, sugar, etc.), the liver produces a high level of glucose. When your glucose levels rise above a certain point, your body releases insulin in order to counteract the spike of blood sugar.

The insulin causes the body to "suck up" the glucose and store it in fat cells throughout your body. This is what causes a person to gain weight and even become obese. And this process being repeated continually over many years is what causes the body to become insulin resistant.

That's where metformin comes in. In patients with type II diabetes, whose bodies produce on average three times the normal glucose, the medication reduces the production of glucose by more than a third. Metformin reduces the amount of glucose produced by the liver, thus reducing the needed insulin to stabilize the blood sugar.

It may not have as dramatic effect in individuals who don't have type II diabetes, but it still reduces the amount of glucose produced by the liver, even in pre-diabetic individuals. This means that (whether you have diabetes or not) if you're overweight, metformin may help you lose weight and reduce your risk of diabetes.

Does It Really Work for Weight Loss?

Keep in mind that metformin isn't a miracle diet pill. The link between metformin and weight loss consists of more than simply taking a "magical pill". Also, much more research needs to be done regarding metformin and weight loss. However, there are anecdotal instances (people's own experiences) available to read if you care to do some research.

Most who assert that this drug has helped them lose weight attest to the fact that they used metformin as a part of their weight loss program. One caution to be aware of is that metformin in combination with a very restrictive diet may cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). It is certainly recommended that a competent doctor is consulted before making metformin a part of your weight loss program.

Based on simple logic concerning how this drug affects the human body, there may indeed be a very beneficial link between metformin and weight loss.

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