The Importance of Family Dinners and Eating Healthily

The world is a hectic place and hardly affords us the chance to have family dinners. Most families fail to realize the importance of these dinners because they are not fully aware of the benefits that they bring.

Research shows that having dinner together as a family improves conversation because there is no computer, smartphones or Internet to jostle for one's attention.

Children benefit deeply from this activity as they learn how to listen and share opinions.
Moreover, children who sit at the dinner table with their parents grow up with plenty of confidence, motivation and self-esteem.

This greatly reduces high risk behaviour and teenage rebellion.

Studies also show that if a family can eat together at least 3 times in a week it reflects on their weight.
In other words, family suppers have been linked to lowering the risks of obesity and spontaneous eating. Studies show that families, who eat together, eat fewer fried foods and indulge in less sugary drinks.

These healthy eating habits offer a platform for kids to carry on into adulthood.

Research carried out by 2 doctors, namely Dr Ellen Van Kleef and Dr Brian Wansink supports this theory. Their case study involved over 200 parents and around 150 children.

All these parents filled out a questionnaire about their eating rituals and what they talked about during meal times. Both the children and parents had their weight and height taken to record their BMI.

The research proved a number on things. Firstly, families who ate less and had lower BMIs did not eat while watching TV. Secondly, most families that ate breakfast had low BMIs.

Thirdly, girls who prepared food with their parents recorded higher BMIs unlike boys who were unaffected if they helped out with the night time meal. Fourthly, boys ate less at the dinner table if they found the conversation enjoyable.

These doctors claim that there is a link between dinner time rituals and BMI. Overall, they posited that stronger family ties are ensured when members eat healthily which helps to keep their weight in check.
So to make the most out of your family meal times eat without having the TV on or your mobile phones at the table.

Furthermore, always have meaningful conversation. A great way to start is to talk about something eventful about your day. Have fun with theme cuisine nights and healthy recipes.

Create your own unique recipes and tweak old ones by including healthy ingredients. You should spend at least an hour at the table bonding before cleaning up together.

It also helps if everyone is part of the cooking process. A kitchen is never out of bounds to the sterner sex. It is a family affair.

Family dinners may require some effort. But the benefits towards weight loss and overall health are definitely worth it,to read more about healthy eating and weight loss visit my blog

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