4 Ways Which Sudden Fat Loss Occurs

Drastic weight loss within a short period is explainable in many ways. A demanding fitness schedule or a decrease in appetite can cause to sudden fat loss. In other instances, sudden loss of weight can be indicative of underlying health problems. Health complications resulting in extreme weight losses include cancer, diabetes, thyroid disorders, or problems relating to your digestive system. You should book an appointment with a medical professional at any time when there is sudden fat loss of more than 10 pounds.

Thyroid testing

The medical practitioner will usually have your thyroid glands tested. This is done by drawing blood samples and testing for thyroid or hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism results whenever an excess of thyroid hormone is released into the body's circulatory system. Many people diagnosed with hyperthyroidism experience instant pound losses over stretched periods. This condition is treatable. The doctor will prescribe medications to counter the overproduction of hormones by the thyroid glands. The treatment is short, and without severe side effects.

Crohn's disease

The crohn's disease affects the digestive system. Often, the disease is characterized by frequent diarrhea, which stems from frequent emptying of the intestines. Other symptoms include skin rashes, pain, and vomiting. When any of these symptoms are evident to you, quickly see your doctor and let the testing process begin. The doctor will have to run a number of tests to diagnose crohn's disease. This disease is not a killer and is treatable. It is caused by presence of foreign bacteria, which line the walls of the intestines, and prevents normal digestive processes. As a result, your body can lose its optimal ability to synthesize and absorb nutrients into the blood circulatory system. The nutrients are absorbed from the digested food in the small intestines.


Diabetes testing

Diabetes can cause sudden fat loss, therefore, get your blood sugar level tested for insulin. When blood sugar levels have peaked, because of diabetes, the body muscles are broken down. This leads to rapid and unhealthy loss of body mass.

Cancer screening

Although cancer is one of the uncommon explanations for weight losses, it is equally important to be tested for it. When someone contracts cancer, he or she experiences fatigue accompanied with destructive weight loss tendency. Screening for cancer is a relatively simple process, and other preceding symptoms of this disease will give it out. It is not necessary go for cancer screening in weight loss cases until all the other reasons are ruled out.

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