The 4 Best Ways to Lose Weight!

A lot of people struggle to lose weight, and most people think dieting is the solution. From my own experience I have learned that dieting never works, because, you usually just gain all the weight back again. Instead I have written down 4 of the best ways to lose weight. These are some of the methods I personally used to lose over 50 pounds.

1) Don't diet, just eat consciously:

Try adding vegetables to every food or meal you eat. For example, if you go out for a pizza, ask for some vegetables, take a slice, add some of the vegetables and enjoy. If you can and you feel like this is something you could do, try eating the vegetables and the protein first, and then eat the carbs, that way the body will process better the nutrients.

2) Drink One or Two Glasses of Water Before Every Meal:

Water flushes your system and get rid of all the toxins in your body. In my own experience I felt that after drinking a glass of water or two, I didn't have all those cravings I used to have. Try drinking a glass or two before each meal, and you´ll see the difference. OK, we're into step two of the 4 best ways to lose weight, let's have a look at the third way.

3) Get rid of emotional stress:

Stress is a factor that in some cases could cause you to gain weight. Meanwhile there is no extensive studies that indicate that stress can increase weight, I did noticed from my own experience that when I reduced emotional stress, I lost weight.

4) Change Your Eating Patterns:

Try the following:

If you eat by night your insulin levels will be high and it's going to be hard for your body to burn the fat, and instead of burning fat, your body will create more fat instead. For a change, try the following:
Try eating more earlier during the day, and then, perhaps an earlier dinner and a lighter one, that way you'll change your eating habits and you will in fact burn more fat.

You might say, but I want to lose weight now! As fast as possible! Well, if you take a common diet plan versus making small changes to the way you're currently eating you'll see that making those tiny little changes, one step at a time, will in the end give you long lasting results. In my opinion and from my own tests and results I can definitely say that the best ways to lose weight are rarely related to doing any extreme diets.

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