Here Are 5 Simple Steps You Can Start Incorporating Right Now to Lose Weight

Step 1: Water - people who are overweight are dehydrated. When fat people feel hunger, many times they are actually just thirsty. The first thing you should do is drink one large glass of water when you wake up in the morning and then four glasses throughout the day. It is best to drink spring water, but if this isn't always possible drink filtered water. You can buy a Britta water jug with filters for $30. Tap water is less then ideal to drink as it contains chlorine, fluoride and other yucky contaminates.

Step 2: Apples - remember the old saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, it's even better than that! Apples help reduce appetite, regulate blood sugar levels, and help cleanse the colon, gallbladder and liver.

Step 3: Grapefruit - grapefruits have enzymes that have been proven to help release fat. They also help regulate blood sugar levels, and reduce intense food cravings. Like apples, grapefruits also help cleanse the colon, gallbladder and liver.

Step 4: Walking - people are walking less and less nowadays than ever before. We sit at our desks all day, drive in our cars and sit in traffic for hours. Then we come home, exhausted from sitting all day (no joke, sitting all day in front of a computer screen and behind the wheel is super stressful). Studies show that walking outside (not the same on a treadmill) at a leisurely pace for one hour a day (if you can't fit in one hour at a time do half an hour on your lunch and half an hour after dinner) and it will reset your body's weight set point, which will lean and tone your body. You don't need to go fast at all, just keep the same steady pace, and don't overexert yourself. Walk the whole time in a slow, rhythmic movement (a leisure walking pace).

 There is no need to raise your heart rate, this isn't aerobic exercise. To reset your body's set weight and lose weight you don't need to go crazy, you should be able to walk and talk at the same time. Take the dog or get a friend to join you so you can get some good social time in too if you like. This is an easy way to lose weight.

Step 5: Coconut Oil - this oil has become very popular recently, so it is very easy to buy now. Use coconut oil as your choice of oil, even 2 teaspoons a day has been proven to improve digestion, help release fat cells, and stimulate metabolism and the thyroid.

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