What's the Best Weight Loss Spa?

What's the best weight loss spa for you? We've reviewed some of the top spas around the country to help you choose.


A health spa for 24 guests, it boasts of offering a more personalized attention than any hotel or resort spa. With its 4 to 1 staff-guest ratio, it combines the philosophies of luxurious European Spas with the Californian concept of health, fitness, and nutrition. With a goal of sending their guests home feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated, Cal-a-Vie is offering 3, 4, and 7 night vacation packages that includes gourmet spa cuisine, hiking, fitness classes, spa treatments, lectures on health and nutrition, accommodations, and even workout clothes so you can forget about the troubles of packing.

Canyon Ranch

More than just an amazing vacation, staying in Canyon Ranch is an experience. Starting 1979, Canyon Ranch has set the bar high for health resorts all over the world. You can enjoy the Canyon Ranch experience in their various resorts, hotels, and spa clubs in Arizona, Massachusetts, Nevada, Florida, and on board the Queen Mary 2. After your stay with them,keep your Canyon Ranch experience with you by getting their nutritional supplements, skin care products, cookbooks, and health and wellness books.

Duke Diet & Fitness Center

Scientific information is applied to the development of a practical goal-oriented program for you. As a treatment facility for the management of patients with weight problems and its complications, the Duke Diet & Fitness Center works closely with other resources to understand better and effectively treat people with their challenging health problems. Their program is designed for adults aging 18 and up and is also dedicated to educating about the processes of making a healthy switch in lifestyle. Because every guest has a different schedule, abilities, interests, and medical needs, their program is tailored to address each need.

New Age Health Spa

At the New Age Health spa, by combining modern science with spiritual ideologies, they give focus on the idea of eating awareness. In bringing awareness to when you eat, you are able to realize why you eat what you eat during the times that you eat it. With an increase in the awareness of your body, you are more less likely to eat food that can be harmful to your health, making you healthier in the long run.

Structure House

A residential center, it specializes in understanding and teaching the psychology, nutrition, behavior and fitness components of the successes of losing weight and the related lifestyle change it brings about. It offers you a challenging yet supportive atmosphere that integrates enjoyable exercise, nutritious food, and behavioral therapy. Its 75-member team is dedicated to making sure that the environment is pleasant while helping you reach your goals. The Structure House program is constantly changing and improving but helping you understand your relationship with food and how that relationship can affect your other lifestyle decisions remains at their core.

Final reminder

The best weight loss spa should be able to accommodate all of your needs. They should be able to not only help you lose weight during your stay with them, but also help you get started on keeping off that weight outside of their facilities with better eating habits and an exercise program. Although generally lumped together as offering weight management programs, the spas we just reviewed have different approaches
unique to them.

Finding the best weight loss spa that suits your needs perfectly might be hard, but it might just be the most important find of your life. Consider looking one up in your locality. The best weight loss spa for you might just be around your corner.

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