Best Weight Loss Program for Women - Guideline on What Your Weight Should Be

Before you use the best weight loss program for women, keeping in mind the reality of the success rates of most diets, the question becomes not simply how can you lose weight, but how can you lose fat wisely and increase your chances of keeping it off. First off, you have to decide if you truly need to lose weight.

Unfortunately, most women do not care what the various charts say about our height - weight ratios. we are striving for a certain look, a body image that may be impossible for some of us to attain. To make a responsible decision about whether you need to lose weight, you will have to consider your shape, height, weight, and history of obesity linked diseases, as well as the history of those factors in your family. For a guideline on what your weight should be, you can check the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Height and Weight Tables, which were revised in 1983. Do you really need the best weight loss program for women? To determine your risk for weight related health problems, consider the following:

1) Are you at risk for high blood pressure, type II diabetes, or heart diseases? your physician can help you with those answers by examining your medical and family history, along with performing certain diagnostic tests.

2) Where is your fat located? if it is concentrated around your belly, you need to lose. If it is around your hips and thighs but your belly's flat, you can relax a bit. That is because abdominal fat is linked with a higher risk for medical condition - especially heart disease - than is fat on the hips and thighs. Divide your waist measurement by your hips measurement to get your waist/hip ratio: 0.70 to 0.75 is considered healthy for women.

3) Calculate your body mass index (BMI). divide your weight in pounds by 2.2 to get kilograms, and your height in inches by 39.37 to get meters. your BMI equals your weight in kilograms divide by your height in meters squared. (In other words, multiply your height by itself, then divide your weight by that number.) Normal BMI is considered to be between 19 an 27.

If, after deliberating, you have decided that you truly need to lose weight, then consider when your weight problems began: Have you gained weight recently as the result of a traumatic event such as marital separation or a job loss? Or has this been a gradual pattern since your teens? Then only you need the best weight loss program for women.

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