Swimming Workout To Lose Weight - Swim To Weight Loss and A Sexy, Lean Body

Swimming is a great workout, often we teach our children to swim or just be in water long before they can even walk. It can be done by anybody, even people with disabilities, the aged, sick, extremely overweight and even the average citizen. What makes it so good is that you can go as hard as you like, let me show you some great routines for maximum fat loss at the pool.

Swimming Workout for Weight Loss

Warm up by doing a few dives, some casual backstroke, freestyle and breaststroke.
Once you are limbered up and feeling ready to get into it, then start.

Do one lap at about 50% of your maximum speed and then do a lap just cruising. Repeat but this time do the faster lap at about 75% of max speed. For the next 30 minutes alternate between doing a lap at 90-100% of your speed, then a lap just cruising at about 50%.

The whole idea is to get your body used to working at different heart rates and getting the message through that you are a hard working person and it is too hard to carry around extra fat and do all this work.
Most people can not keep up doing this type of workout for more than 30 minutes, but if you can, anything up to an hour of swimming will keep you burning fat at an elevated rate.

Just remember that the exercise is one side of a two sided equation, nutrition being the other side. If your exercise tells your body one thing and your nutrition says another, the nutrition will always win out.
We all know someone who does a lot of exercise but is still out of shape.

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