How To Use Kettlebells For Fat Loss

What is the most effective, fastest training method for maximum fat loss? For any fat loss program to be effective there must be some form of weight training and an elevation of the heart rate to 60-85% of its maximum during the program. A conventional exercise routine at a gym requires you to spend 30-45mins on cardio machines followed by 30-45mins on weight training machines. Once you add to this the travelling time, almost 2 hours are spent on your training session. In the short few hours we have after our busy day this is simply not practical.

Kettlebell workouts incorporate both cardio and weight training at the same time. When exercising with kettlebells you train as hard as possible at a sustainable pace. Kettlebell lifting allows for brief pauses that make the long duration of the exercise possible. Big multi-muscle and multi-joint movements lead to an increase in your resting metabolic rate. This is the rate at which you burn calories to perform normal bodily functions over a 24 hour period. This means that you can achieve an increase in fitness and long term fat loss in half the time.

Aside from the time factor, kettlebell training incorporates the body's natural movements and works the entire body as a complete unit. As part of any exercise program for maximum fat loss you should include full body exercises using multi-joint movements. Kettlebells mimic real life movements such as carrying grocery items, bending over to pick up an object or sitting down on a chair. The asymmetrical shape of the kettlebell forces your stabiliser muscles to be activated which are often not developed in traditional weight training methods. Machine weights do not teach you how to control the weight restricting the movement to one plane of motion and making your body prone to injury.

Kettlebell training uses one ballistic movement such as a snatch/jerk or a combination of movements. Kettlebell combinations are exercises performed together without a break. They can be combined with a chosen number of sets, reps or specific time frames. The weight chosen varies between individuals. Begin with one kettlebell. Using only one kettlebell creates an imbalance in weight distribution. This forces the non-working side to work harder to maintain balance resulting in an increase in the strengthening of the abs, lower back and glutes.

Start with movements such as two handed swings, one handed swings, cleans, presses and squats. As you progress increase the time/reps and add in other movements such as the tactical lunge, one leg dead lift and the snatch. You can then combine a few movements together for example one combination may be a clean, squat and press. To progress further, work with two kettlebells or increase the weight, time and repetitions.

Kettlebell workouts leave no muscle or joint unused, which increases the body's resting metabolic rate. This means that you will continue to burn calories even after you complete the workout; therefore leading to ultimately more fat loss.

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