How To Lose Stomach Fat After Pregnancy

Most women experience difficulty in losing stomach fat after pregnancy. This is often the last place you will lose your post baby excess fat. A small percentage of lucky women will drop the baby fat within a few weeks with little to no effort, but this is rare. The rest of us need to work hard to get our bodies in the shape it was in before bub came along.
The first this you must understand is that losing stomach fat is no different from losing fat from anywhere else in your body. The same principles and rules apply. The second vital thing to remember is that losing fast after having a baby is no different form losing fat at any other time in your life, again the same principles and rules apply.
So what are these principles and rules? The first rule is that you must consume fewer calories than you eat. Sounds simple enough but it is quite difficult, especially at this time in your life. This constitutes eating fewer calories, and exercising to burn off more calories. The easier the two is to eat fewer calories, and this should be your first move.
When your baby grows up a little, and you can manage a babysitter, even just for a few hours a week, its time to start exercising. The best form of exercise for fat loss is cardiovascular, or aerobic exercise. This is defined as moderate intensity, long duration exercise. Examples include walking, jogging and swimming. Research has proven that for effective weight loss you need to exercise for a minimum of three days a week, for at least 30 minutes at each session.
There is no need to do hundreds of sit-ups every day, this wont help get rid of the fat. You shouldn't be doing sit-ups for the first 6 weeks minimum anyway if you have had a c-sect. Situps are resistance exercises, they will help you build muscle, not lose fat. Your muscles are still there, they are just covered with a layer of fat. When the fat is gone then you can work on toning and definition, but initially you will be wasting your time doing sit-ups.
The last thing to remember is set goals. This will help you stay on track when times get tough. Make small short-term goals such as "I want to lose 5 pounds this week", as well as larger long-term goals, such as "I want to lose 20 pounds this month". When you have your goals work you hardest to reach them! When you reach the first few you will be even more motivated to continue, and the cycle will continue.
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