Ways to Shed Off 10 Pounds in a Week

Weight is an issue that almost everyone struggles with. Save for the genetically gifted members of the population that can eat what they want and not exercise and yet still stay in shape, everyone else has to practice proper care to maintain a relatively desired shape of their body. The vain nature of people has probably been the main cause for why so many people are so caught up in what the scale says. In a society that greatly values the attractive qualities of people, being out of shape can make one an object of ridicule and disinterest.

As unpleasant a reality as it is that superficial qualities are improperly valued, such is the case. It is almost an inevitable aspect of society. The value people put on their weight of course goes beyond just the superficial fare. It is also a measure of great health to be in the proper range of weight for one's body type. Being in shape not only makes one more attractive but it also enables them to be more active and to partake in many more endeavors. That is the gift of self-discipline but not many have the patience for it.

A week is a short time to accomplish anything of real significance. Seven days are after all not long at all, especially in this new fast paced world. How is one then expected to accomplish something significant such as to lose ten pounds in such a brief period of time. The key then lies in the two most effective ways of losing weight no matter how long a period of time allotted.

Those are of course to exercise and to maintain a proper diet. Unless one plans on spending an entire week in the gym, it seems to be too short of a time period for one to exercise and still expect a severe dent in their weight figure. Exercise can still help though. It is always wise to spend an amount of time staying active and moving those muscles. At the very least exercising can keep one busy and take their minds off food which is another key element if one is to lose 10 pounds in a week.

The diet is a key element if one wishes to drop those ten pounds quickly. The first step is with breakfast and the food for this time of day includes 2 eggs without salt. Excluding the salt prevents water retention. Lunch will entail the consumption of leaner proteins such as turkey. Turkey served with some vegetables can be a filling option for those looking to drop pounds.

This can also work as a dinner option. The essence of the diet is to limit carbohydrates and consuming lean proteins so that one can feel full without eating as much. It is also recommended to avoid sweet foods during this time and to also drink lots of water. Losing 10 pounds in a week may seem like a very daunting proposition, but it is achievable. The key lies in exercise, a low carbohydrate diet and the right amount of discipline to achieve this goal.

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