The Basic Guidelines For Success In Weight Loss

When one speaks of moderation the key lies focusing on the basics. When people pursue weight loss under extremity they forget that there are some basics which they have to follow and these basics are way effective than the extreme measures taken by them. The lines give the basic guidelines to follow for weight loss.

1. Fat Burning Foods:

Losing weight is not about depriving your body from food or the nutrients it requires. Therefore, in addition to providing healthy foods to the body, you must incorporate fat burning foods into your diet plan to assist weight loss. The foods you can consume in this regard include, honey, dark chocolate, eggs, and shrimp.

2. High Calorie Foods For Topping:

If you cant resist the high calorie foods, then the best way is to use them as topping over the nutritional foods. For instance, you can use a spoon full of ice-cream as a topping over a bowl full of fruits and vegetables. This way you will satiate your craving for high calorie food in addition to eating healthy.

3. Water Throughout The Day:

You can have some juice or shake in the morning, but make sure that you rely only on water as a source of quenching your thirst during the rest of the day. Despite the obvious drawback that the water alternates have extra calories, in addition they also don't quench thirst. Therefore, consume as much water throughout the day as possible, as it would purify the body and keep the metabolic rate high and burning calories.

4. Food Journal:

Counting of calories is integral to weight loss, therefore, it is imperative that you carry a food journal with you wherever you go and not down even the littlest of the food you eat. When you keep a journal, you will know your calorie limit and wont over consume, thus achieve weight loss eventually.

5. Six Small Meals:

New studies recommend that the best way to lose weight is to consume more frequently, but in smaller quantities and healthy foods. The reason why such an approach towards eating is recommended is because it keeps the metabolic rate high which ensures that the body does not store fat, rather keeps on burning them.

6. Physical Activity:

Every person knows that there is no weight loss without undertaking physical activity of any kind. Therefore, perform any physical activity that makes you sweat, so that the calories and fats are burnt resulting in greater weight loss. However, if you are one of those who never seems to gather sufficient energy to perform any activity, then you can use the best energy supplement and drinks to help you gain energy in a low calorie form to undertake the physical activity of your liking.


In short, in order to lose weight you need to focus on the basics. Chances are that basics will do the job for you, and then you can take other measures on the foundation laid by basics. This increases the chances and pace of weight loss.
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