Need Motivation to Lose Weight? Five Essential Weight Loss Motivation Tips Revealed

Losing weight is hard work.
I'm not going to kid around with you. If it were easy everyone would be supermodel thin, right? With that out of the way, there are 5 essential motivators that will make it easier on you once you learn them. So, if you need motivation to lose weight, you will want to read on as I discuss the power of what I call "the why list", goal setting, rewarding yourself, the before/after pic, and the inspiration of others.
The List
In order to stay motivated in your fitness plan, you will want to come up with what I call "the why list." The why list is a list of all the reasons why you want to lose weight. In other words, all the reasons why being skinny outweighs being fat.
Goal Setting
Every diet and exercise plan should have goals associated with them. Do you want to lose 25lbs, trim 4 inches from your waist line, or go down 6 dress sizes? Having clearly defined goals of what you wan to achieve is a key motivation to lose weight.
Reward Yourself
This is one of the more enjoyable motivators. After you've determined some goals, both short term and long term, plan to treat yourself after reaching those mini milestones. The treat may be a favorite pleasure food that you gave up for your diet, or it may be a trip to the mall for a new outfit. Just make sure you don't cheat by treating yourself before the milestone is reached.
The Before/After Pic
The before/after pic is self explanatory. Basically you want to take a picture of yourself before starting your fitness program. Try to take a picture that shows off your form. Every month during your workout, take another pic in the same pose and with the same clothing. Soon you will begin to see a big difference between the different pictures.
The Inspiration of Others
To finish off our list of essential weight loss motivation tips, reading and watching the stories and trials of other people who have lost weight can be a very powerful motivator. You will then be able to say to yourself - "If they can do it, I can do it too!"
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Having recently lost 25lbs in just under 3 months, Phil Murray is excited to share what he has learned with others who hope to reach their fitness goals.


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