Don't Let Your Weight Loss Progress Defeat You

After weeks and weeks of exercising, diet control and little or no result, it is easy to give-up and abandon your weight management goal; but, don't. Your success may not be easily observable to you or others, but let me tell you, if you have been consistent in executing your exercise routine and managing your diet you have already been successful. Heck, just sticking to a particular diet or exercise routine is a great testimony of success.
But I know if you're 200 lbs going in and after 4 weeks you are still at 200 lbs or maybe even weighing slightly more than your initial weight you will not be pleased or at all encouraged; and I can't blame you because the majority of us start a weight management program primarily to lose weight. However, please understand that weight loss progress is only one measure of the overall success of any weight management program.
Other indices of weight management success include:
1. Perseverance: Have we been able to maintain a particular healthy lifestyle for a substantially extended period. That is have we been able to quit smoking, drinking or simply maintain a healthy diet?
2. Prevention: Have we been able to prevent any further deterioration in any health condition as a result of your weight control efforts. Hypertension, diabetes, etc; have you been able to thwart their further development?
3. Weight Gain: Did we stop your weight from increasing any further or have you reduced the rate of increase?
4. Fat Storage: Did you stop your body from storing any additional fat by eating the right types and amounts of food?
5. Fat Burning: Did you elevate your body's fat burning capacity through your diet and exercise regimen?
6. Exercise Reps: Can you exercise for longer periods and complete more reps now compared to when you initially began your regimen?
7. Medical Adjustments: Were you able to reduce the amount of medication you take daily e.g. hypertension medication?
8. Feelings: Do you generally feel better about yourself, both physically and psychologically?
9. Sleep: Do you sleep more peacefully now?
10. Energy: Do you generally feel more energetic now than weeks ago when you first began your weight management program?
If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you are succeeding and are well on the way to achieving your weight loss goal.
The factors delineated in the above questions are additional parameters that should be considered when analyzing the success of any weight management program. As you can see, many of these are not immediately observable to the naked eyes but they are just as significant as the more outwardly observable weight loss index. If your weight loss program generally makes you feel better and helps you prevent the advancement of common ailments like high blood pressure and diabetes then I think whatever the program one can conclude that it has been a success.
So don't give-up. You may not see the particular result you're looking for right now, but if you continue to persevere your success will come. In the mean time, remember that you're already succeeding in many other areas so continue the good job.
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