3 Home Exercises for Losing Weight Fast!

Losing weight fast is not particularly easy especially when it's solely down to you alone, but there's no reason why you can't muster up that will power and perform one, if not all of the following home exercises to help you shed those fat stores faster than just your diet and/or supplement are helping
1. Walking
OK, walking might not sound like a particularly strenuous exercise that'll burn off those calories quick, but don't underestimate how a daily brisk walk accompanied with the right diet can work its wonders.
Ideally you should try and find time for a morning and evenings fast walk, completing about 2 hours walking a day.
Make sure to weigh yourself from the very beginning of any exercise diet program as just watching that gradual decline in weight can do wonders for the human spirit.

2. Aerobics
Aerobics is a great home exercise as you can get more inspired by a DVD or a TV workout show, doing a good hours aerobics in the comfort of your own living room or bedroom.
Yoga is an aerobic sport and is also fantastic at increasing flexibility, strengthening your joints and losing weight.
Be sure to stick to your diet plan, and you will reap your rewards.
If however you notice after a while that your decline in weight is slowing down, this is not a bad thing.
One it means you are toning up and two, by building up a more toned firmer body, this makes putting on weight that much harder.

3. Dancing
Don't be afraid to dance with your partner or by yourself, where again you can follow a dance routine on the TV.
Here are a couple of dance routines that you can work on at home:
Choreographed moves:
OK so choreographed moves are probably best learnt at a dance school but there's no reason you can't practice at home also.
From jazz to hip hop to ballet, a one hours dance class will not just help you shed at least 300 calories plus, but you'll tighten up all the major muscle groups, and tone those abs without having to arduously workout down the gym.
The Do-It-Yourself Dance:
So this is where you create your own moves.
After you've been to a few classes you'll find yourself developing your own style.
Feel free to run with it by jumping, twisting, turning and rolling to your favorite tunes, where the heart will start pounding and the calories will literally drip off you.
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