Chia Seeds Help to Lose Weight

Thanks to the Aztecs who cultivated this wondrous nutrient rich seed we are able to use it to help us lose weight in a natural way. Chia has been hailed as a dieters dream food. We can add chia to almost any food or drink to bulk it up, but without adding the calories and without changing the taste.
Are you ready to start losing weight naturally with more energy and without starving yourself.
When you want to lose weight it is difficult to fight off those hunger pains, when your stomach is grumbling and your mind is telling you it's time to eat. How would you feel if you could eat something that is easy to use, healthy, cheap and is a safe way to lose weight. Well with chia seed you can.
Eating chia seeds help you lose weight by:-
  • Helping you feel fuller for longer and suppressing your appetite. If you add 2 table spoon fulls of chia seeds to water, these tiny super seeds start to hydrate and expand as much as 12 times what you started with. So now if you eat this when you feel hungry you are getting all the essential amino acids,Calcium, Vitamins, Omega 3 and Omega 6 but almost non of the calories that you would have eaten if you had a bowl of pasta or rice.
  • I eat this in the morning for my breakfast mixed with fruit juice or yogurt and it keeps me going until well into the afternoon without feeling that need to snack. You don't have to disrupt your eating habits because they can be added to almost any food or drink without altering their taste. So add them to cereals, salads sauces etc. So when hunger pains start eating chia will suppress them instead of eating high calorie snacks.
  • Salba seeds help suppress your cravings for certain foods when the brain knows your body is deficient in a mineral. eg. Calcium then the body starts to crave cheese, milk and ice cream. The trouble is these foods are really high in calories which is not what you want. Chia seeds contain many minerals such as Calcium,Boron,Magnesium,Iron and many more so will help these craving subside.
  • Chia seeds are gluten free so are perfect for anyone with an allergy or who wants to cut out wheat,oats,barley and rye.
  • Salba seeds help the control of obesity and blood sugar levels. They take control of blood sugar levels by slowing down the transformation of carbohydrates into sugar.
  • The super seeds also have a high fiber content which aids the body in getting rid of cholesterol off artery walls and assists with cleaning out the bowels regularly. Both these are important for people who are over weight.
So I hope this helps with how chia seeds can help you lose weight naturally.
Hi hope you enjoyed this information on using salba seeds for weight loss:
Chia seeds lower cholesterol,control blood sugar levels, help with weight loss, anti-inflammatory properties, brain functioning, Highest source of OMEGA3 and OMEGA6. I would like to thank you for reading this information.
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