Chia Seeds Benefits - Eating Chia Seeds For Health and Weight Loss

Chia seeds are a nutritious superfood that contains the richest known natural plant source of omega-3. In addition to that these healthy seeds are packed with beneficial protein, vitamins and minerals. They are also an excellent source of fiber, calcium, and are rich in powerful antioxidants.

You can use Chia Seeds for their energizing properties or to help reduce your hunger cravings. Since these amazing seeds have high soluble fiber levels, they slowly release their energy after you eat them. This provides you with long lasting energy levels through the day. They have the ability to absorb more than twelve times their weigh in water. Making them excellent for regulating your bodies retention of nutrients and maintain a proper balance of electrolytes.

Chia Seeds are easy on the digestive tract. They are easy to prepare and unlike Flax seed do not have to be ground up to eat. You can sprinkle them on a salad or cereal, add them to your yogurt, or even put them in a smoothie. When you buy Chia sees you should always make sure to purchase those that are organic and grown without harmful chemicals, pesticides, or heavy metals.

Chia seeds are a very nutritious and natural food, they are tasteless and crunchy. For that reason you can expect to see a lot more of these healthy seeds in food in the near future. One of the more popular ways to use Chia seeds is called "Chia Fresca," which is a very popular drink in Central America. To make it you just stir two teaspoons of seeds with eight to ten ounces of water. Then just add a little sugar, lemon or lime juice and you've got a healthy drink.

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