15 Weight Loss Tips for Seniors

Losing weight is difficult at any age, but can seem overwhelming for seniors. Here are 15 weight loss tips that can ease the pain and help you reclaim your youthful shape.
  1. Create a meal plan and ensure you have everything needed for the day ahead of time.
  2. Have a healthy salad for lunch every day.
  3. Limit the amount of bread in your diet and choose complex carbohydrates instead.
  4. Instead of drinking sodas, juices or blended coffee beverages, try lower calorie alternatives such as tomato juice. For a spicier fun alternative, try a Bloody Mary mix!
  5. Have a large glass of water 15 minutes before every meal. While eating focus on eating fruits and vegetables with lots of fiber. These two weight loss tricks will help you feel full faster while cutting down the total calories you consume.
  6. Skip the elevator and use the stairs. If you find this challenging, start with just one or two flights and work your way up over time.
  7. Skip the buffets and order directly from the menu.
  8. Reduce or eliminate salad dressings, try vinegar or lemon juice instead.
  9. Stop drinking alcohol. Every drink adds hundreds of calories and dramatically increases your blood sugar - making you get hungry faster.
  10. When dining out, eat only half of your food and take the rest home for a future meal.
  11. Psyche yourself out by using small plates. You'll unconsciously serve yourself less food and won't feel like you've missed a thing.
  12. Instead of eating sugar, have fruit as a delicious dessert.
  13. Always park at the far end of the parking lot. You'll burn extra calories every day and save your car from potential door dings.
  14. Plant a garden. It will give you fresh, organic vegetables and provide you with a great low-impact form of exercise.
  15. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.
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Doug Rich is a senior fitness and adults over 50 diet expert at ww2nd50.com/diet. He believes in fitness at every age and that our second fifty years of life should be our best.


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