My Experience Using Raspberry Ketone for Weight Loss

My Experience Using Raspberry Ketone for Weight Loss

The starting

The first time I heard raspberry ketones television a well-known doctor. It was a little over a year when I started my weight loss journey first. At that time, I was not use any supplement, which recently started eating healthier and begun walking and exercising at the gym several times a week.

Before the show who never believed that a supplement can help you lose weight, which was 100% sold on the way "to eat healthily and exercise" for weight loss. After seeing the show and looking for the supplement a little more I decided to give it a try, it's cheap, and I was ready to try anything (within reason) to lose weight. Research I knew raspberry ketone is natural and safe, I have little to lose (except LB).

This decision, acceptance supplements in my weight loss mixture did not help to lose 30 pounds or more.

How Does Raspberry Ketone Work ?

Attention: Please prepare like I can talk a little cheesy in the following paragraphs.

Raspberry ketone contributes to the initial weight loss lipolysis. Lipolysis is the breakdown of fat; raspberry ketone substance takes fat from a stored state, which is common to overweight and obesity, a condition in which the body can use for energy. Fat is a form of energy that is underused in those of us with tons of weight to lose. This ability to initiate fat distribution is a significant reason the supplement is effective.

Regulation of adiponectin, which is related to the above is another reason that raspberry ketone is useful for weight loss. Adiponectin is a hormone That is closely connected to obesity. High levels of adiponectin were associated with being skinny, the opposite is also true, with low levels are associated with obesity.

With such high levels of adiponectin say his body "Hey Your skinny, start acting like one."

 And the body responds by releasing fat. Raspberry Ketone was found to increase adiponectin levels, which in turn increases the body's metabolism and leads to fat loss.
Raspberry Ketone was found to increase adiponectin levels, which in turn increases the body's metabolism and leads to fat loss.

if you're not a fan or speak nerd now, you can start reading again!


Obviously the number one benefit of raspberry ketone is weight loss and fat loss specifically. Some have also found It helps suppress appetite makes you even fewer calories. I never tried to make on il follow this up as I feel Côme That would be quite complicated. I never realized myself fuller That before starting the supplement. I will be interested if anyone has tried this in Themselves.

Side Effects

Raspberry Ketone is natural, so it is considered safe; there are no negative side effects. That being said there are things to consider and people who should not take the complement.

The complement was produced for adults, so it is not recommended for children or teens taking raspberry ketone. Also pay attention to the ingredients that sometimes burdens for businesses or binders or additional ingredients are added. Sometimes, these ingredients are not safe or have additional side effects. Personally, I prefer pure raspberry ketone. Also, women who are hopeful or nursing should not take the supplement, you should not take any supplement weight loss during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


As I work and eat healthy every month, it is difficult to judge how my weight loss comes from this supplement, but I know my losses increased after starting the supplement. I also tested in a couple of different ways, but none 100% defined in terms of its effectiveness. My intent has forever been to lose weight, and then do not want to affect this by ensuring sufficient test and potentially wasting time without taking a supplement that helps. For these reasons, my results section it will be something of speculation based on my limited testing and how I feel about the supplement.

I took raspberry ketone since I heard. For this reason, it is certainly the supplement, I had the most success with. On average, I'd say you could probably attributable 2-3 pounds of my weight loss supplement raspberry ketone. On average, I lost about 6.7 pounds per month last year, so two or more pounds is a decent part of this.

There are many opinions on the recommended dose, always chose the highest to maximize my losses. In my analysis, I decided that the optimal dose is 500 mg twice a day, that's what I take. I saw also suggested that small doses but certainly nothing wrong with taking 1000 mg per day, and very few opt cost difference to 1000 mg per day.

Who should and should not take the supplement

I have already briefly discussed in a previous section, but I will clarify below.

Who should not take this supplement
  • Women who are nursing or pregnant
  • If you are under 18
  • If you take a medicine you feel may be affected (talk to your Doctor)
Who Will Benefit for This Supplement
  • Anyone who wants to lose weight that doesn't fall into a category above
Of course for legal reasons I should state that none of this constitutes medical advice, you should always discuss your Specialist with any affairs you may have.

Recommend for you

In this section, I will present any brand currently take and names that I've made in the past and see if they are successful or not.

Currently, I take a supplement raspberry ketone Ava Falco. You can find a link to your page on in the section below.

I intend to write and edit a variety of weight loss supplements, I tried or investigated. I intend to talk about the gains of weight loss, side effects, which should take, you should not take them and everything that could be important for various supplements. I am a 20-something who has struggled with her weight goes back to high school. I heard many times to lose weight and have never gained enough traction to make a difference. This time, when I started a year ago, I promised to change, finally, to get the ball rolling and keep going until I have a body that was happy.


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