How To Eat To Lose Weight - The True Secret Behind The Foods You Eat

If your goal is to achieve permanent weight loss then a diet is the worst way to go about doing it. Your goal should be to change your lifestyle by eating the right foods and giving your body the proper nutrition it needs and by becoming more physically active. When you go on a diet you eventually will go off of the diet and in return will put the weight right back on. If you instead change the foods that you eat with healthy nutritional foods your body needs, your body will naturally start to burn fat and lose weight.
What Happens When We Eat Less to Lose Weight


When we deprive our body from food, by cutting down the amount of calories we eat, our body will go into starvation mode. Instead of burning fat (because we are eating less), our body will think that we are starving and will start to hold on to the fat we have for future use. When our stomach growls it will send chemical messages to our brain that there is a shortage of food and our body will start to store fat so we may have energy to survive until food becomes available.
What Happens When We Count Calories To Lose Weight.
When our goal is to consume a certain amount of calories per day without paying attention to what kind of calories we are taking in, also works against us when we are trying to lose weight. All calories are not the same. If you compare 500 calories worth of chocolate cake with 500 calories of broccoli, you will see that both have the same amount of calories but the nutritional values are completely different. They have different amounts of sugars, carbs, fats, salt, fiber etc. Because of this each food will be absorbed by our body differently. The healthy food with the proper nutrition (the broccoli) will enter the blood stream at a slow even pace. This will give your body time to burn it and use it as it enters your system. However the unhealthy food will enter your blood stream very rapidly not giving your body enough time to burn it. As our body uses what it needs, whatever is left over will then be stored as fat.

As you can see dieting by eating less or unconsciously counting calories works against us when we are trying to permanently lose weight. The only way to achieve true weight loss and keep it off, is to eat natural whole foods that provide our body with the right nutrients it needs to function properly. This will lead to your body shedding excess fat without you even trying.

The good news is that you can eat these foods abundantly without having to starve yourself. There are plenty of options out there. Just stay away from processed foods that are high in fats, sugar and unhealthy carbs. Be good to your body and it will reward you with a slimmer waist line, beautiful looking skin and energy you never dreamed of.

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