How To Lose Arm Fat: Best Workout For 2013

Who hasn't seen that meme on the Internet that shows a picture at a wedding with a woman in front and a girl behind her? The caption below reads "that awkward moment when your friend's fat arms make you look naked."
Is that you?
Do you look at the mirror wondering what happened to you? How your arms got so big? Is there a secret to losing arm fat in a week and can you reduce it and not have sagging skin hanging down? Is there anything you can do?
Well here's a good secret! It's called Push and Pull. Well honestly it just sounds like the instructions you see on a door but they mean so much more. Push works the muscles of your shoulders and triceps while pull works the biceps. If you learn how to work these muscles, you can be guaranteed to lose arm fat in less than a week and see miraculous changes. The tip here is to make sure you focus on one part of the muscle instead of doing general works out. Your legs and even your tummy have a better chance of losing fat than your arms if you don't do it right. You really don't want to be the fat arm friend, now do you?
So there has to be some secret, some magic that can reduce flabby arms in an instant.
Guess what?
There is!
Let's talk about working out the push muscles, the shoulders and triceps. What you need is a couch or a resistance band. A couch with an arm can be found almost anywhere and resistance bands can be bought from any store for a reasonable price. The trick with the couch is sitting next to the arm of a couch and hanging your arm over it. Let your arm hang and extend it very slowly and then bring it back up. By doing this you are tightening your muscles and repeat for 20-50 reps.
Repeat this on the arm and you can reduce fat quickly. Guess what? There's another quick way of losing arm fat! Stand and hold the resistance band in each arm and pull sideways. You are definitely going to feel the muscles in your arms working.
Do this for as long as you want but don't over work yourself. You don't want to be sore and be in pain by the time you are done. Those two exercises work out your triceps but what about your biceps? With those same resistance bands! Place the resistance band on the floor and step on them. Grab the ends and make an ex with them. Pull up and down and that not only works your arms but your tummy too! Now you know a thing or two for your arms, you don't have an excuse!
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