5 Ways To Live A Healthier Life (For Guys)

You'll be happy to hear that more sex is one of them. Here are 5 ways you can live a healthier, longer and happier life.
1) Have more sex
It was recently revealed in a study in the American Journal of Cardiology that regular sex can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (CD).
Heart health is just one benefit. Sex can also help to reduce cortisol - the stress hormone - can assist with better quality sleep, can help to maintain a healthy relationship, and can be healthy for testicular health.
Not only that, but it counts as physical exercise as well.
2) Get outside
Regular sunshine can help prevent the chance of developing Type I Diabetes.
Vitamin D - the vitamin we receive through direct sun exposure - has been shown to reduce the chances of developing the lifestyle disease. According to a new study in the American Journal of Epidemiology, says the sunlight helps to save and preserve vital beta cells within your pancreas, that help to produce insulin.
You can get your Vitamin D levels from fortified dairy, eggs and fatty fish. However the most effective way is to get between 10-20 minutes of sunlight daily.
Even here in Australia, which is known for it's amazing weather and warm sunshine, people are often diagnosed with having low Vitamin D levels.
3) Get better sleep
You and I both know we need a good nights sleep. And now, researchers have shown that your diet plays a big role.
Certain specific vitamins and nutrients that you eat - such as vitamin C, lycopene, and selenium-have been shown to boost sleep patterns, according to a new study published in Appetite on 4,500 people
Other ways to help you get a better night sleep:
· Turn off the TV 2 hours before bed, to allow your mind to rest.
· Turn off all electronic devices in your bedroom. If you must have an alarm clock, place it away from you or cover the lights.
· Avoid caffeine after 3pm.
· Avoid exercise after 7pm if possible.
· Take 3-5g Vitamin C to help reduce cortisol.
4) Stay injury free
An injury can mean weeks - of even months, on the sidelines. Not ideal in your bid for creating a lean, strong body.
According to a recent study performed at the Loyola University Chicago, college level athletes who specialized in tennis (spending more than 75 percent of their training time playing that one sport) were almost 2 times more likely to have been diagnosed with an injury compared to young athletes who shared their time between tennis and other activities, such as football or swimming.
My tip: every 8 weeks, completely change your gym program. Even better, use the 9th week of each cycle for a complete change - go surfing, learn a new sport, try rock-climbing.
Then, reset your goals and start a new program with different exercise variations.
They say change is as good as a holiday, right?
5) Fast for at least 12 hours
Fasting - a period of obtaining from calories - can have tremendous benefits on your digestive system, growth hormone levels, and even fat loss.
Try going for a minimum of 12-hours between dinner and breakfast. During the fast when awake, consume plenty of water and green tea or black coffee is OK.
Once your body adjusts to the 12-hour period, extend it to 14-16 hours.
Studies have confirmed that fasting - also known as intermittent fasting or IF - has increased growth hormone by up to 200%. This is GOOD news for strength, fat loss, and general health. Be sure to consult with a doctor before beginning your IF.
There you have it - 5 ways to live a healthier, stronger life!


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