Do Water Exercises Help in Weight Loss?

water exercises for weight loss

All types of exercising help to lose weight. Water exercises can also help to burn calories efficiently and safely. But there are some specific exercises that help to burn calories faster. So, this completely depends on the trainer that what types of exercises are provided by their clients, who are visiting them for weight loss requirements.
There are varieties of water sports and exercises that are primarily helpful in reducing the extra fat from the body. A recent analysis has clarified that with 60 minutes of water exercising there are possibilities to burn down 400-500 calories from human bodies. In this article we are trying to help those who are looking for ways to lose weight with the help of water exercises. In the following points we tried to locate some of the vital water exercises those are very effective in burning calories:
There can be nothing more helpful exercise than swimming. This is a complete body exercise that helps from head to toe. There are different strokes and style of swimming. With the help of professional trainers these styles can be understood. Freestyle, butterfly, back stroke, dog paddle, etc are some of the most popular swimming styles. Among all these styles, butterfly and breaststroke are considered as the best calorie burners. With the help of these strokes people can burn up to 700 calories because of the complete body effort. Swimming is strenuous but relaxing.
Water Aerobics
Water aerobics are fun and they are excellent to reduce weight. Performing aerobics on land can be strenuous but in water people can do it in the comfort of water. Particularly this can be incredible during summers. The focus of this exercise is the constant movements of both the lower and upper part of the body. With the help of water aerobics, clients can strengthen the body muscles and this help to increase endurance. Water aerobics, at its best, help to burn around three hundred calories per hour.
Water Jogging
Water jogging is a great form of exercising that is often recommended by doctors to their patients suffering from joint pains. This helps to burn calories as well. Legs get good shapes if this can be practiced dedicatedly. This helps to burn five hundred and fifty calories per hour.
Group Water Sports Activities
Group water activities are great for weight loss fitness exercising. The hot favourite water sports are water polo and volleyball. Volleyball, though most of the time played in a static position, helps increasing the muscles. Analysis says that water volleyball help to burn near about 200 calories. On the other hand, water polo helps to burn up to 700 calories in an hour.
Scuba Diving
Scuba diving helps to lose weight as well. During scuba diving, the respiratory muscles are hold. This helps to burn calories about 1,000 calories in an hour. Moreover, this is a great water activity that can be entertaining as well.
These are some of the most effective water exercises that help in weight loss.
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