Change Habits And Lose Weight

You've had years of overeating and lethargy and now you want to lose weight in two months. You read and watch people lose fifty, sixty or even one-hundred pounds with different diets or through hormone injections and you think, "Why not me?" So you order your diet foods or take your injections and the weight comes off. A few months later, you are a slimmer version of yourself. You strut around like a peacock happy to tell your success story to anyone who will listen. Three months later you are back to your old weight with a couple of extra pounds for good measure. You don't strut, you skulk.
What happened? Quick weight loss is great but it can make it more difficult to keep it off. The method you used was not necessarily a gimmick, but it was not real life. You lost weight without changing your habits in a way that allowed you to keep it off. You lost weight quickly but didn't learn how to remain healthy. You can lose all the weight you want but if you don't make permanent changes to your behavior, you will always gain it back.
Turn healthy habits into a hobby
You will improve your chances for success if you turn healthy habits into your hobby. Look at eating better or exercise as part of a new lifestyle and not as a means to and end. Are you a "foodie?" Make it a point to learn more about healthy foods. Read about them, join a Forum that is dedicated to healthy eating, or take a cooking class that offers healthy alternatives to your favorite foods.
You can do the same with exercise. Join a masters swim group or a running club. Call your parks and recreational organization and find soccer or basketball leagues. Join a gym and find aerobics or group exercise classes such as boot camps. Read about exercises and practice techniques that will help you improve. Find events in the future and work with others at reaching the event in shape.
Make healthy habits a fun part of your life. If you are able to change habits and lose weight, you will have a much better chance for success. Surround yourself with people who enjoy activities that will help you lose weight and keep it off. Turn exercise and healthy eating into a hobby that is not a chore but something you look forward to doing.
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