Reduce Your Cellulite by Introducing These 6 Vitamins in Your Diet

Over 90 % of women have cellulite, but if you introduce these 6 vitamins in your daily diet, you can reduce cellulite fast, even banish it if you start doing exercises, drink lots of water and follow a strict diet.

Cellulite is the result of fat storage under the skin. Under the influence of various dietary factors or hormones, the fat cells that come from excessive eating accumulate under the skin.

The areas most affected by cellulite are: hips, buttocks, thighs, abdomen and arms. Some of the common causes of cellulite are: obesity, sedentary lifestyle, thyroid problems, common food intolerance.

Nutritionists and skin experts agree on one thing - for a healthy and beautiful skin it is required to have a healthy and balanced diet. A nice smooth skin depends on the good functioning of the blood vessels, the proper hydration and the balance of nutrients and vitamins.

There is a wide range of dietary supplements containing vitamins and minerals that fight cellulite. These vitamins improve the blood circulation, improving the "orange peel" appearance. At the same time these vitamins help eliminate toxins from the body.

The 6 vitamins that reduce cellulite fast

1. Selenium enhances the activity of vitamins C, E and A (beta carotene). The most important sources of selenium are tuna, wheat germ, whole grains and sesame seeds.

2. Vitamin B6 helps to eliminate liquids from the body and helps maintain collagen levels high. Vitamin B6 helps converting calories into energy. Foods that contain vitamin B6 are chicken, red meat, fish, bananas, whole grains, raw veggies, eggs and peanut butter.

3. Vitamin C is an important aid in getting rid of cellulite fast. It is a powerful detoxifier and helps to revive skin. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, tomatoes, strawberries, berries, green beans and peppers.

4. Vitamin E improves the circulation and it is essential for your skin health. This antioxidant plays an important role in slowing the aging of the skin and it enhances the production of collagen. Important sources are: vegetables, almonds, olives, lean meat, salmon and leafy vegetables.

5. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin and is essential for the maintenance and the healing of the epithelial tissue. Significant sources of vitamin A are: eggs, clams and skimmed milk. It can also be obtained from the foods rich in beta carotene, which the body can convert into vitamin A (carrots, tomatoes, watermelon, broccoli and spinach).

6. Omega 3 protects skin against sun damage and increases blood circulation to cellulite areas. It can be found in fish and olive oil.

Try to include all these vitamins in your diet starting today and you will see how your cellulite will be reduced in a few months, but if you want to get rid of cellulite fast, you will need to make some compromises.

How will your life be, if you could be cellulite free in weeks? If you take action NOW, you can go back to wearing shorts in 2 weeks! But, do you have what it takes? Are you the kind of person who takes action in order to achieve your goals?

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