Eat More Food To Lose Weight: 3 Reasons

Every now and then people (especially overweight people) ask me if it is possible for someone to eat more food to lose weight. Well there is this golden rule for dieters as well as non-dieters: Eat often but eat less. This could be nearly the best way to guarantee we lose weight, even if we tend not to make changes in our diet.

It is all right to eat more food to lose weight.

And here is why:
  • When eating 5 or 6 times every day, we happen to sit down for every meal just feeling a bit twinge desire for food, as opposed to desiring to eat everything visible (in sight) once we are very hungry. Eating a lot of food every day will help us appreciate food better, which, again, can better the standard of our life and alter our relationship with food

  • By eating food often, you are less likely to get very hungry. After you eat a midmorning and midafternoon snack, you are not starving at mealtime (lunch) or after work. You are then less likely to overeat. Thus it makes sense to eat more food to lose weight. For each snack or meal, eat protein and some carbs, for instance apple with peanut butter, cereal with milk or a turkey sandwich. It takes more time for a protein to digest than carbs, and you will stay satisfied longer.

  • Metabolism charges into high gear once we feed ourselves. Our body is less likely to move into 'survival mode', since it does when we go for an extended time with no food or lack of if, then overeat. By eating often, the body believes you are obtaining ongoing fuel with no lack in a supply. It will continue burning those calories, and you will start to feel the results in no time.
Therefore, it is fine to eat more food to lose weight as the saying goes: Eat often but eat less. It is also really helpful on the far side of weight management when you shift to six meals (foods) each day.

Since we no longer feel very hungry, our attention span gets improved, as well as our concentration, which, in turn, leads to increased productivity as well as an overall improved mood. When you eat a lot of food, you have a tendency to eat more nutritious since you would not be filling up on empty calories.

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