How to Burn Fat Without Changing Your Diet Plans

Is dieting part of your weight loss strategy? If dieting is still in your weight loss program, you should stop and read this fact. Most people who use dieting methods to lose weight gain weight a few months after they have achieved their dream weight. Therefore, although dieting will eventually result in weight loss, the gains from this method are difficult to maintain. However, that does not mean that you shelve your plans to lose fat because it is possible to lose fat without dieting. Yes, you can shed that fat painlessly and without sacrificing your breakfast, lunch or supper.

How to get rid of excess fat without changing your diet plan

•Use fat to burn the fat you do not need: There are two types of fats in your body and both function differently. The white fat is the worst type and the one that you should get rid of but the second type, brown fat is highly needed by your body. The brown fat helps to burn calories deposited in your body and thus, you should consider increasing the levels of brown fat in your body. The good fat is packed with mitochondria, which generates heat and thus, when activated, two ounces of brown fat can burn as much as 20 percent of your body calories. The effective way that you can use to get brown fat working is by working out. When working out, your body releases irisin hormone, which converts white fat deposits to brown fat.

•Take More Vitamin D: A study done at University of Minnesota showed that people with higher levels of Vitamin D shed more weight than people with inadequate Vitamin D. Other studies have indicated that vitamin D helps to increase the effectiveness of leptin. Leptin is a hormone that signals to your brain that you are full, which is essential in your lose fat strategy. However, you should understand that you cannot get enough vitamin D from foods and thus, you will need to take Vitamin D3 supplement.

•Eat the right Carbohydrates: You can really eat carbohydrates and lose weight as long as you are eating the right carbohydrates. You should avoid eating refined and processed carbohydrates, the white stuff but eat complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates contain vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, which helps to slow digestion and make you feel fuller longer. Refined carbohydrates are highly processed and thus, breakdown quickly. This makes them suitable for quick energy supply to your body. To get more of complex carbohydrates you should include brown rice, legumes, oats, millet, fruits and vegetables among other whole foods.

•Drink a lot of water: Water is good for your health. Ensuring your body is fully hydrated will boost your energy levels, promote good health and ensure your skin is glowing. Drinking water will also help your body get rid of waste products and toxins.

How to burn fat without sacrificing your delicious food or snack is a new way to loss fat. This method of losing fat is a solution, which ensures that once you lose fat, your gains are permanent. It is also targeted to people who find it difficult to diet and thus, impossible for them to lose weight or sustain an effective weight loss program.

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