Five Best Weight Loss Foods

Eat more to weigh less. No, it's not a joke. You will be glad to know that the right foods could be the best bet for a slimmer and healthier you in no time. Nutritionists and health experts agree too and here's the list of five best weight loss foods which you can add to your plate today.

1. Pumpkin - High fiber intake is associated with a number of health benefits and effective management of body weight is one of them. Pumpkins are loaded with fiber and they are also one of the easiest foods to prepare. This makes them one of the tastiest weight loss foods. Pumpkins belong to the squash family and they easily lend themselves to a variety of dishes including moist cookies, bars or the all-time favorite pumpkin pie too. Smaller pumpkins also known as sugar pumpkins are great for cooking.

2. Oats - These whole grains have the highest satiety ranking, which means that they can make you feel "full". Apart from that, they are high in soluble fiber which helps to keep cholesterol and blood fat low. They digest slowly and have very little impact on your blood sugar. Experts recommend that you eat 3-5 bowls of oatmeal a week for best results. You can choose to eat them raw or cook them with water, milk, broth or stock.

3. Grapefruit - Its pulp provides you the fiber you need and the chemical properties of this fruit help to reduce insulin levels in your body. Reduced increase in sugar levels after you meals translates to higher usage of food for energy and reduced storage of fat. The grapefruit diet has been around for years. But, you can eat a grapefruit before a meal to lose weight too. You can use grapefruit capsules and grapefruit juice too. Studies have revealed that those who ate the real grapefruit noticed the best results.

4. Eggs - Most people believe that eggs are unhealthy because they hold bad cholesterol. Far from being the cholesterol booster it is mistaken to be, it helps limit your calorie intake through the day. A study has revealed that women who ate the eggs for breakfast tend to feel less hungry later and consequently ate a smaller lunch too. 36 hours following that, the same group was noticed to have consumed 417 calories less than the other group which consumed bagels. You can even choose to eat eggs as a quick snack.

5. Cinnamon - This popular spice has great medicinal value and recent studies have proved that cinnamon can help your body metabolize sugar too. As little as 1/4 to 2 teaspoons help lower blood sugar levels and curbs cholesterol also. Using it as a supplement (with your smoothies or cereal) is a safe and effective way to use this miracle spice which helps you lose weight.

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