More Muscle Less Fat Customizing Your Diet

  Do the words diet and dieting have the same meaning or are they two completely different words? Most believe that it means something that you go on and once you have met your goal or goals then you can stop. Wrong that mindset simply does not work. The words diet and dieting have been terribly misconstrued over time in general. Diet, meaning the foods and any supplementation that you intake is considered your diet.

  While dieting only denotes a set regimen or program you follow to attain a set goal usually weight loss.
As you know there are many "diets" that have been created over the years. I will list a few you've probably heard of. Have you heard of Sugar Busters, Weight Watchers, the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet and of course the list goes on.

  I'll go over each of these briefly. Sugar Busters basic focus is to eliminate foods high in sugar content while also eliminating foods that may raise blood sugar levels. But just eliminating sugar alone from your diet will not reduce fat or increase weight loss. Now Weight Watchers is a system designed to count calories and follow portion control to reach your desired goal. The Atkins Diet is a plan that eliminates carbohydrates during the early phase of regimen and is also a low nutrient diet. Finally there is the South Beach Diet. It does offer balanced eating, lean proteins, good fats, and good carbohydrates. It also focuses on how heavily the role of insulin and blood sugar spikes create hunger.

These all probably work to some degree but what they lack is a full balanced system.
The word "diet" should only mean foods and supplement that one intakes. Also the customization of your food intake should be considered, your body type and medical history should all weigh in to that equation. Of course your goals must be considered. Are you trying to lose fat, lose weight, gain muscle, create flexibility or just achieve overall better health and fitness. Of course this should be your overall goal!
The word diet in my mind should denote foods and supplements with exercise that creates a source for your body to burn fat naturally. They must also continue to do this. Balance is always the key to longevity and fruitfulness. Your metabolism is key to all of the above mentioned. The more it works for you the less you have to. Not to say that you have to do nothing at all for this to work 100%. Another key component is muscle. Muscle burns fat. One pound of muscle burns 50 calories. These are two critical components to attaining any long term goals continually. Lets say that if you engage in a low impact type of activity such as aerobics, jogging, pilates or yoga won't help you lose weight what it will do is help you lose muscle which in turn with no muscle to burn the fat your right back to the beginning, trying to lose weight.

  The body needs a fuel source that being carbohydrates (glycogen) and fat or fat stores. It then looks for protein when looking for fuel sources. It begins to deplete muscle tissue which is not what we want to do because what it does is create an opportunity to gain fat or gain weight. That's why one of the components of the plan includes a program that will help you add muscle you need to burn fat. The last component is protein. This is ultimately what muscle needs to create muscle. They ignite or jump start the digestive process of everything we put in our mouths.

  Obviously this process and components necessary may seem complicated but in actuality is not.
"Do you use this four letter word "? and "what is your favorite"? I hope this one is your favorite new one Diet. It has been terribly misconstrued over the years and needs to be corrected. There should be no such thing as going on a diet. Only diet in the sense that it is a complex list of foods and supplementation of such that one intakes along with a complete regimen of a multitude of exercises which we'll go into detail in the follow-up.
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