Losing Weight In 3 Days: Possible?

It's not easy to lose weight, and that's one of the things pretty much everyone knows. The one reason why most aren't able to pull it off is that it requires a lot of patience and discipline. The start is rather easy-you have the motivation to start immediately. It's very difficult-and different-to keep at it.
Here are a couple of things you could try if you want to lose weight:
-Plan first, and take it easy: A plan is a very important step. It can't do much by itself but it will give you a start. What does a good plan look like? It's simple: a good plan is one that's challenging yet doable. You don't want to set goals so lofty they can't be achieved. At the same time, if you don't challenge yourself, you aren't going to improve much, if at all.
-Take small steps: You won't find it easy to exercise for an hour a day right from the start. That's fine. Don't start that high. Five minutes a day is a good start and it's easy to scale that up later. You can easily scale up if you add a few minutes every few days. For example, if you add ten minutes every week, you'd be exercising half an hour a day a month from now.
-Be consistent: It's perhaps the most difficult thing of all this. Be consistent in what you do. Don't exercise for a day and stop for the next five. Regular exercising is far better than exercising once a day and then not exercising for the next entire week.
-Eat well: I can't stress enough on how important it is to eat well. Eating healthy is extremely important. It's possible to stay healthy and keep your weight in check if you eat well even if you don't exercise all that much. If you can do it, please get a dietician to put together a diet plan for you. Follow that plan to the letter.
There's a lot more to weight loss but these are some of the most important things. It's also important to believe that you can do it. You can't, obviously, do it if you don't believe you can. You should also steer clear of all those courses that try to teach you how to lose weight in a couple of days. More often than not, they end up harming your body.
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