How to lose fat and gain control of your weight?

How to lose fat and gain control of your weight.

A reduced calorie diet is a common mistake made in an effort to lose fat and gain control over your weight. Yes, you will lose weight by reducing your calories however that weight loss is as temporary as your ability to maintain the reduced calorie diet.

The problem:

Eating less to lose weight causes your metabolism to slow down, your hormone levels to become askew and when this happens your cravings become stronger, your energy levels take a plunge affecting your mood, sleep habits and your overall well being. Basically you’re sabotaging yourself.

The solution:

Eat more of the right foods more often throughout the day. Eating 6-8 times a day of the foods that will fuel your metabolism and boost your energy levels, protect and promote growth of lean muscle and set up your hormone levels to make your body run like the perfect machine that it is (or is meant to be) will help you to lose the fat you hate, control your weight, your cravings and your overall state of health .. not just for a while .. but for the rest of your life.
In time, your new lifestyle and the new way you are learning to think about food and how your body works best become a habit. You CAN be one of ‘those people’ who make it all seem so easy. :)
With so much bad diet and food / nutrition info out there .. don’t just guess or use trial and error to find your healthy zone or what the foods are that will help you reach your goals. Ask for help.


If you want to lose fat, lose weight and learn to maintain your results, make sure your trainer or coach is certified in nutrition and not just a ‘trainer’.
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