Weight Loss And Fat Loss - What's the Difference?

 Weight Loss And Fat Loss - What's the Difference?

What many people looking to lose weight fail to realise is that in order to be healthy, we don't need to lose weight; we need to lose fat. Weight management is about losing fat, while maintaining healthy muscles, not having them wither away.

Weight Loss

Many people falsely assume that losing weight is the answer to their problems. A healthy body is made up of a composition of water, fat, bone and muscle mass. What can happen on crash diets and ill-informed weight loss programs is that people unknowingly "starve" their muscles of vital nutrition, causing them to wither, and because muscle weighs more than fat, people get on the scale and think they are getting great results.
Not only are these results false, they are unhealthy and energy levels, mood and general wellness can suffer as a result.

Fat Loss

Having a healthy weight is about looking your best and feeling your best. That's why maintaining a healthy body composition is so important. The way to do this is by targeting fat loss and not merely weight loss, as is so often promoted in many wonder diets, courses and products.
When looking for a weight loss diet, product or program, make sure they offer a way to lose more fat without losing muscle. Muscle is not only important for looking toned and trim, it is vital for a healthy functioning body.

How do you measure Fat Loss?

Fat loss is measured in inches or centimetres and not in pounds or kilograms. A good old fashioned tape measure around the area where you would like to go after provides a great indication of your progress.
Some popular target areas include:

Target Measurement Areas

Another simple indicator of your progress is a drop in your clothing size. Have fun as you slim and tone by taking photographs as you are dropping in your clothing size until you reach your goal.

Healthy Weight Management Goals

When making your weight management goals, aim for the amount of inches or centimetres you want to lose in your target areas and toss that scale in the garbage.
That way, not only will you be looking great, you will feel like a million bucks too.

Watch out for Quick-Fix Cures

Lastly, no matter how wonderful the product, if they don't recommend using it with with a reduced-calorie diet and proper exercise program, something may be suspect.
Walking the path to your desired healthy body is part of what makes it so worthwhile when you get there and have you ever accomplished anything worthwhile that's been quick and easy?
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