Rapid Weight Loss Diet Programs

 Rapid Weight Loss Diet Programs

There are varieties of diet programs that promote or looking to achieve quick weight loss. Among the many programs and systems, there are three main categories. These are:

1. A liquid based detox diet.

This weight loss program style quickly became popular after being popularized by celebrities and then covered by the media who follow celebrities drink, eat or do. In essence, this is not strictly a diet and was designed as a detoxification program cleansing body. His goal was to eliminate toxins from the body and help you feel rejuvenated.

 In its original form was never intended to be used for three days, but with time periods has been adapted or manipulated in the rapid weight loss system.

The formula consists primarily of a two beverage consumption or three times daily. The drink contains specifically for their individual properties combined natural ingredients. The primary version uses hot water, known to help cleanse your body. This is mixed with lemon juice, which contains citric acid and acid, also good to promote detoxification and chili powder, again another ingredient that has detoxifying properties.

The extra element added when the formula was used as a quick weight loss system is the honey. The baby is supposed to provide your body with sugar it needs to move forward in this process that the liquid fasting. Surely lose weight quickly if you use this method, but there are serious concerns about the potential health risks if used for long periods.

2. low-carb diets were rich in protein.

It became very popular after the explosion that was feeding the Atkin. This particular scheme is an extreme form of this program and has now been shown to be a risk to health. There are still varieties on this theme, and they are always very popular. The basis for this type of diet is as the title suggests - is allowed to eat foods rich in protein and no real restriction, but not allowed to consume too many carbohydrates.

That this regime is stealing your body's main source of fuel - carbohydrates - which then stimulates the body to absorb its fat stores instead and thus the rapid weight loss. Protein is for strength and is accused of helping to offset the weakness that comes from starving your body of its fuel source.

The danger of this scheme is that it promotes ketosis, in a nutshell, ketones are small carbon molecules produced when the body burns fat instead of carbohydrates. This happens because your body goes into a state of ketosis and although it can also suppress appetite has been shown to be harmful to the kidneys and other organs. The primary weight loss this diet comes from water loss and loss of muscle tissue.

3. Diet diet every other day.

The latter has frequently become  popular in recent years, and while there have been commentaries about the lack of study, there is now a sudden influx of new documents available. In fact, this type of diet was discovered in 1930 by accident. A diet of two days of work in the low-calorie system, but not so difficult to follow, the reason is that you only have to stick to the low-calorie diet every day.

The other day, often related to as an "update" can eat what you want, although there are some reasonable restrictions and the best of this type of diet will promote nutrition, healthy food and a balanced diet . The reason for this day, a day of rest system is supposed to neutralize the usual problem of eating low-calorie style of starvation - that is, slowing metabolism or reduce the body needs carbohydrates in response to hungry - This is in the reduction of weight loss.

A diet every other day allows you usually eat every other day for the body is not considered starving. Another benefit of this method is that some people find it easier to follow and stick to a diet low in calories when they know they can usually eat the next day. Not everyone can adhere to a strict low-calorie diets, and many have used this as a "best of both worlds."


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