Weight Loss, Types, Advantages, Causes and How to Achieve Adequate Weight Loss

Weight loss is the reduction of the body mass by reducing the total body fluids, fat, tissues, tendons, muscle, and mineral deposits. I have done a research to answer some of your likely questions on weight loss such as:
What are the kinds available?
What are the advantages?
How do I achieve it?
What causes weight gain?

Two kind of weight loss:

· Accidental
· Deliberate
Accidental: is achieved due to diseases, illness, stress, infection and starvation. We will later elaborate this factor.
Deliberate: is our point of focus in this content. This is achieved by means of efforts to improve health, fitness or better appearance. This is achieved when our body use up more energy than we consume, making the body to use from its stored fats or muscle, leading to loss of weight in the body fluid and mass.
Advantages of deliberate weight loss:
· Reduces health risks: With the appropriate body mass and reduced fat in the body, the body immunity against diseases is increased.
· Increase fitness: Losing weight entails physical work out, which at the same time increases fitness, strength and endurance in our system.
· Delay diabetes onset: diabetes is known as the state of high blood sugar in the body, which is very familiar with obese people. Weight loss reduces the body fluid as well as sugar, leading to a reduced or delay diabetes onset.
· Reduce pain: The lower the body mass, the easier it is to move, leading to reduced stress in the body.
· Increase movement in joints: With a reduced body mass for the joints to carry, it is apparently easier for movements in the joints
· Reduction of hypertension: Reduced body mass reduces the amount of work and risk of high blood pressure.

Causes of weight gain:

· Excessive consumption of fats, sugar and carbohydrates
· Excessive consumption of alcohol
· Depression
· Stress
· Boredom
· insufficient sleep

Ways to achieve deliberate weight loss:

· Diets: The most effective and healthy way to reduce weight is to pay attention to our food consumption and better done with the help of a specialist
· Change in lifestyle habits: This is with regards to time we eat, sleep, what we eat, do and drink.
· Exercise: With an adequate level of the right exercise and reduced food consumption, loss of weight is greatly achieved.
· Crash dieting: This is not a very good means for everyone, because it requires very low food consumption and more water for up to 12 waking hours in a day, leading to the body having to use from it stored fat and tissues. This is not very healthy for some individuals.
In summation, the most adequate, healthy and effective method to lose weight is to reduce the body consumption and increase its work, by adjusting eating patterns and increasing physical activities.
You can further read on this educative topics on here and here I hope it will be of help to you as you work on your weight.
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